Why Type a Blog?

I’m Judie Larson and I am embarking on a creative journey in 2018. I don’t want to just think about creating, I want to put something out there in the world. I’m also crazy for typewriters. Why not bring the two things together, by using my typewriter(s) to produce blog content? I’m writing about typewriters and about the writing process, so let’s give the machine center stage.

This technique is known as “typecasting” because creatives using typewriters need a means to share their work. We all carry smart phones with cameras so a technique quickly took hold, of snapping a picture of the typed page(s) and then uploading them as images. People who have access to scanners are also scanning their work into their computers and then posting the scanned images from there. Either way, we’re bridging the divide between analog and digital and the result is an exciting one-world, no-borders workflow free of judgement.

I’m going to blog about writing, about typewriters, about creativity, and about anything else that joins these concepts. Hope you enjoy this love letter to the analog creative process!